Azure Service Bus Fanout

In this scenario the customer has implemented Dynamics CRM online to centrally manage customers across 3 businesses it owns through acquisitions over the years. The customer also has a number of systems in each business which are required to be kept up to date with information related to the data in Dynamics CRM.

The customer implemented some of the event publishing capabilities of Dynamics CRM online where it can push information to an Azure Service Bus topic. The Azure service Bus topic was then used with some routing rules to fan out messages based on the routing rules.  This meant that each of the sub-businesses can have a subscription where events they are interested in can be published to.  In each business they have an existing technology stack for integration which can interact with Azure Service Bus to process their messages and make system updates as required.


Azure Service Bus Fanout



In this scenario the key role played by the Azure Service Bus is to be a cloud hosted queueing platform which makes it easy for Dynamics CRM to integrate with it. The routing capabilities are also easy to implement with routing based on message metadata.  With the Azure Service Bus being hosted in the cloud the sub-businesses can be located in different parts of the world but still access and process their messages asynchronously.

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