Decision Making Framework

Decision Making Framework

Decision Making FrameworkWhen making decisions in IT architecture there are a number of different types or architectural practices and standards you may be following.

If you are using an existing framework and it has a solid framework to support your decision making then you should use it.  If however you are not using an existing framework or the architectural processes you have are not really covering this area then we would like to propose an approach which we have found works well in practice and is not overly complicated so will fit nicely if you are doing agile projects.

The framework we use is based on the one described in the Applied Architectures on the Microsoft Platform book.  In this book the authors who are good friends of the contributors to this site, talk about many different challenges where you are trying to make decisions about which technologies to use to solve a problem.  The book was published before the cloud really took off but its approach is really relevant to the things we are trying to achieve here.

Before we go into anymore detail if you are interested in the book then you can obtain it from the following place:


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