Decision Making

You may have used some of the information in this website to help you to look at the architectural aspects of the problems your organisation is trying to solve and you may also have reviewed the technology overviews and sample architectures.  You still have to work out which technology is right for you in your situation.

Sometimes your decision may be really straightforward and you have a requirement which only one technology has the capability to deliver and you can just use it.  The most common situation is that you have requirements which can be delivered by multiple technologies or require to have multiple technologies working together to deliver what you need.  In these cases the overlaps in capability offered by different products and the specifics of what you need to do become important factors in affecting which technologies you decide to use.

If you work in a company where you have already got a well established architecture framework with support for making these kind of decisions then I’d recommend that you should use that to help guide your decision making here.  If however you do not then the rest of this section of the website will provide some guidance on a light weight approach which can help you to make these decisions and we will look at some example decisions which could be made which you could use to give you thoughts and considerations for your own context.