In this section of the website we will look at the different technologies to help you understand what they do and their strengths and weaknesses.  Below is the list of technologies included and you can click the links to find out more.


Framework technologies those technologies which are quite low level and are used by a number of different products.  If you are creating an integration solution you can use these technologies directly but you would tend to be working at a lower abstraction level and writing a lot of custom code to build your solution.  Frameworks are usually free.


We have grouped some technologies as integration products.  These products are usually things which you can purchase in isolation and can be used to implement integration solutions.  Often a product will have quite a specific purpose but can be combined with other products/platforms or frameworks to create an overall solution.


Partner Products

In addition to the core products from Microsoft there is a partner eco-system which have developed some important products which work well alongside the Microsoft stack and can be combined with other technologies to create great solutions.  In this section we have listed some of those technologies.


Product Comparisons

There are some comparisons of some of the products and technologies below where there are obvious overlaps between two of them.


Technology Samples

The following is a list of samples showing the various technologies:



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