Many thanks to the following people who have contributed to this project.


Project Lead


Michael Stephenson

Michael Stephenson is a UK based integration specialist who has worked with many consultancies and customers delivering integration solutions based on Microsoft technologies such as BizTalk and Windows Azure.  Michael is an advisor to a number of companies around Integration and developed the first version of the BizTalk Maturity Assessment and has used it with a number of customers over the years.

Michael is heavily involved in community activities such as the UK Connected Systems User Group and speaking at events across Europe.  Michael has also been a Microsoft Integration MVP for the past 5 years.


Project Contributors


Brian Milburn

Brian Milburn has specialized in enterprise integration, since discovering BizTalk Server 2002.  He has worked as an intendant consultant for over 15 years working on the Microsoft stack architecting and building enterprise solutions for the automotive, pharmaceutical and insurance industries.  Currently involved in integration projects for local government, using BizTalk Server, Azure BizTalk Services and Azure Service Bus.

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